Human foods dogs can eat/foods bad for dogs

Human foods dogs can eat

Like humans, dogs also need variety in food. And also a routine. Make sure you know your dog’s interests by trying variety of food items. Know what is strictly not good such as chocolates, coffee etc.

Dogs will eat anything you give them. They even eat baby poop. They need a balanced diet, too but mostly protein. They are carnivores. They can have some veggies like beans and carrots or potatoes. Bread on occasion but just a slice. We had a Labrador that had to have tea and toast in the mornings just like us. So, they will let you know if they want something. Depends on what kind of human food you are referring to.

There are many human foods that are safe for dogs to eat. Here is a list of some common human foods that are safe for dogs to eat:

Human foods dogs can eat


ย Chicken: Cooked, boneless chicken is a great source of protein for dogs. Just be sure to remove any bones, as they can splinter and cause choking or injury to the digestive system.ย Dogs can eat chicken and soup on daily basis.ย Beef: Cooked, lean beef is a good source of protein for dogs. Again, be sure to remove any bones.


Fish: Some types of fish, such as salmon, are a good source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids for dogs. Just be sure to remove any bones.


ย ย Rice: Plain, cooked rice can be a good source of energy for dogs, especially if they are not feeling well.ย If your dog is lactose tolerant, curd rice can also be a good option but can’t be twice daily as it will not provide all nutrients.


Vegetables: Many vegetables are safe for dogs to eat, such as carrots, green beans, and peas. These can be served cooked or raw, depending on your dog’s preference.


ย ย Fruits: Many fruits are also safe for dogs to eat, such as apples, bananas, and watermelon. Just be sure to remove any seeds or pits, as they can be harmful to dogs.


ย  ย  2ย 2005 study conducted at Purdue University showed that dogs that ate any green leafy vegetables, like broccoli, had reduced the risk of developing bladder cancer by 90% and the dogs that consumed any yellow โ€“ orange vegetables like carrots reduced the risk by 70%!

7.ย ย ย ย ย Dogsย do preferย humanย food more than dog food. Iโ€™ve considered many reasons for this, but prefer Occamโ€™s Razor for such problems.ย Humanย food just tastes better.


One of aproblems isthat not all foods are safe for dogs,and another problem is that human foods may lack the nutrition a dog needs to live a healthy life.


.Some dangerous foods for dogs are: chocolate, raisins, grapes, avocado, onions, raw meat/ raw fish, raw eggs and garlic. This list was provided from my Dunkin’s vet. There was more, but I used to have it on the fridge, ask the vet, you can find alot more



And prefer not to serve from your plate. That slowly develops begging tendency where your dog will always ask to be fed from your food.

With a couple of conditions. Donโ€™t feed them human junk food. And make sure you know what human foods are not safe for dogs (for example grapes are toxic to dogs).


Most frequent questions and answers


Feeding your dog by hand is a fantastic bonding exercise, and feeding your dog food by hand that youโ€™re also eating (called food sharing) is one of the best relationship/trust building exercises you can do with your dog.


Try this. Get a healthy snack that you and your dog can both eat safely. It could be small pieces of peeled apple, small pieces of cheese, crackers, basically anything you can share thatโ€™s safe and healthy for both of you. Take your dog to a quiet place, sit with your dog and just start sharing the food. You take a bite, give the dog the rest of the piece. Talk to your dog, pet your dog, connect and interact with your dog while you share the snack. Also include water. Have a water bottle and a bowl with you. Take a sip of water, then pour your dog a drink. This doesnโ€™t have to take a long time. Sit for 5 minutes or 30 minutes, whatever time you have available, but do it on a regular basis, several times weekly if possible. Youโ€™re creating a dog who will do anything for you!


As far as safety goes, there is no rule of thumb on what is safe forย dogs. Your best choice is to Google if a food is safe before you let your dog taste anything new.

However, even this list has asterisks. Your dog may be lactose intolerant, in which case dairy will give him diarrhea; and apples are only safe to consume without the seeds, as apple seeds contain cyanide.Here are some other tricks which you can follow toย grow your puppy well

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