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It is not appropriate or safe to shake a dog. Dogs can be injured or distressed by being shaken, especially small dogs or puppies.
Instead of shaking a dog, you can try other methods of interacting with them,
such as playing fetch, going for a walk, or giving them a treat. If you are
trying to stop a dog from behaving in a certain way, there are more positive
and effective training techniques that you can use. It is important to always
treat dogs with kindness and respect.


There could be a variety of things,
first how old is your 
dog? Is this her first heat cycle? Shaking usually means pain, not always but most if the time. If she is an older dog (sometimes young ones too) can develope pyometra which is essentially an infected uterus, that without intervention can be deadly. Or it could have nothing to do with her being in heat and just painful for some reason that coencided with her cycle. It’s very hard to say without an exam.


Trembling, shivering and tremors can be something mild and temporary or it could indicate a more serious illness or condition. I would be inclined to error on the side of caution, so I would take my dog to the vet if the shaking persisted for more than a couple of minutes.

Take some video of the shaking before you go to the vet so you can show the symptoms to the vet should your dog not be symptomatic by the time you get there.

Also, scour your memory for when the symptoms began. Did your dog just finish eating or drinking? Has it been eating and drinking normally? Was it excited? Did your dog vomit? Has your dog been urinating and defecating normally? If you have some recent stool samples take them in a baggie. It will save your dog the discomfort of having the vet extract a sample. Nobody likes that. If it does come to that, during the procedure your dog will have the same expression as the dog below.

You’re going to put that where?

On the mild side the symptoms could be because of excitement,pain or temporary nausea. If your dog got a hold of some pills, chewed a stick with some mold on it or ate some bad food
from the garbage, she could show some tremors. It could resolve on its own.

On the other hand the symptom you describe could be more serious and require some medical intervention. Pets.WebMD offers the following possible causes of shivering and trembling:

        Distemper – caused by a virus. It occurs most often in puppies or dogs that have not recieve their all vaccinations.Treatment can involve supportive care,antibiotics,fluids and physical therapy.

        Generalized Tremor Syndrome (GTS) – First identified in small,
white dogs such as white terriers, any size, breed or color of dog can develop
this syndrome. Symptoms usually start between 9 months to 2 years of age. GTS
responds to steroids.

        Nausea – Besides vomiting, symptoms of nausea can include listlessness, lip smacking, salivating and swallowing more than usual. Nausea can be caused by medications, over eating, motion sickness or from eating something bad, like a toxic plant, household chemicals, bad food or mold from something chewed from outside. Also, liver or kidney diseases can cause nausea and tremors. Also, Rush Limbaugh can cause gagging and nausea…oh wait. That’s for me. Your dog should be fine even if he has been exposed to Rush. If you don’t determine the specific cause immediately, your vet may offer to inject an anti-nausea medication into your pooch to stabalize your dog’s condition temporarily while you try to sort out what is going on. Personally, I don’t have any of those shots, so that is why I choose to not listen to Mr. Limbaugh.
Sorry. I digress.

        Old Age and Pain – Older dogs can develop tremors in their legs,and severe pain can cause tremors and trembling.

        Hypoglycemia – Low blood sugar can cause trembling. Some dogs develop diabetes. Your vet can run a blood test to determine if this is an issue.

        Trauma or injury – You probably know if something like this happened, but a physical exam should rule this out. Who knows, maybe your dog had a Gerald fold moment and fell down the steps when you weren’t looking.

        Neurological problems and brain disease – Luckily these are less common. You and your vet will rule out other possible causes before you start evaluating this.

So, if the shakes continue, see your vet.

I hope your pooch is feeling better soon.



If shake only at dreams

If it鈥檚 only when he鈥檚 asleep, he鈥檚 having a dream. You can see paws twitching, legs moving like they are running, nose and ears twitching – they are dreaming about something. You can pet and soothe them to disrupt the dream if you notice it, but there will be times when you can鈥檛 wake them up and they鈥檒l wake up on their own.

Is shaking your dog hurt their brain

Dogs brains are much more resilient to shaking than human brains because they are a lot smaller, and I mean much much smaller.If you take a big bowl of jelly and skate it vigorously you can cause it to break up. You con鈥檛 do that with a yoghurt pot fully of jelly; it doesn鈥檛 have the mass to generate the inertia that causes the shearing forces.The same goes for brains. Domestic animals don鈥檛 get concussion like we do; not to say they don鈥檛, but the forces required to do it are far greater and cause other serious collateral damage.

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